Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prognosis: Bad Babysitting!


The Twilight Sad "That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy"

I came from a very loving family, and through my life i've known some folks who have come from some broken homes. But sleeping while yr kids are on fire in the bedroom? I'm gonna have to put my foot down and say that's just bad parenting. Yet this is the situation presented in The Twilight Sad's "That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy".

Having witnessed a pretty powerful performance by Glasgow's The Twilight Sad at July's Pitchfork concert, I decided three months later (cuz thats how I does thangs) to pick up their record. Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters does not disappoint in its shoegazing angsts. Singer James Graham's thick Scottish brogue tells tales of children left behind and lost love over wailing guitars and relentless drum cycles. Even the album's artwork depicts a boy shunned by everyone, including his family until he finally decides to smother his mother in her sleep. Wait. Smother yr mother? Hey, that rhymes!

But seriously don't do that to your own mom.

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