Sunday, October 07, 2007

There Is No Beginning And There Is No End


The Lemonheads "Rick James Style" (Come On Feel The Lemonheads, 1993)

In 1993 Rick James resurfaced for a duet with Evan Dando for his band the Lemonheads follow up to their highly succesful record It's A Shame About Ray. "Rick James Style" from Come On Feel The Lemonheads is a slowed down and funkafied version of "Style", a punk tinged rocker found earlier on the record. James' duet with Dando is eerie at best, as it can assumed both men were in a rock bottom state of drug abuse. The chorus, "Don't wanna get stoned/But I don't wanna not get stoned" reflects the battle going on between the both of them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, if you could unearth any of the Mynah Birds stuff with RJ and the pre-Buffalo Springfield Neil Young and Bruce Palmer, that would be remarkable!!!

6:36 AM PDT  
Blogger Eric said...

"Style" and "Rick James Style" are both sooo good. I haven't heard this in years. Nice work.

6:07 PM PDT  

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