Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lynx Job


The Lit Life "Wish Bone"

The Lit Life "Tarantulaser"

The Lit Life "Freehand"

The Lit Life "Drunk Crow"

I don't remember how I described the Lit Life the first time around here on POP ZEUS! Probably something like "Robot Dracula Pop" or some such. Well The Lit Life is back for another round of torturous ponderings, this time a little more slick. They've stripped things down and actually introduced real instruments in lieu of the pulsating machine drones that shaped their first offering. Take the death meditation "Wish Bone" or the Pixies wannabe "Tarantulaser", these songs are a giant leap. No proper album is in the works, but these four new tracks suggest a turn of the corner for the Lit Life. My prediction for their next slew of tracks: Forty piece orchestra.

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Blogger Michael said...

dude - the music clips are like two seconds long - at least right now they are.


8:06 PM PST  
Blogger dusted21 said...

i believe you have to download them.

8:12 PM PST  
Blogger Colonel Assrape McFuckstein said...

what the fuck am i gonna say about this?

10:42 PM PST  

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