Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wah Goo Bunny


White Rabbits "The Plot"

White Rabbits have the perfect hipster success story. They come to New York via the midwest and after only a little over year they have a hip producer, a highly blogged record and a buzz big enough to land them on last summer's Lollapalooza in Chicago. Tight, ironic t shirt wearing scensters must be gripping their bushy beards with rage and throwing their expensive sunglasses to the floor of their overpriced dive bar.

But this doesn't necessarily make them a bad band. Yes, I believe musicians should probably pay their dues before tasting success, otherwise it seems like everything is just being handed to them. But in this day and age that doesn't happen anymore. You have bands like Panic In The Disco getting signed when they're sixteen years old and just learning to play just for the way they look. So paying yr dues doesn't mean shit anymore. Just enjoy White Rabbits hooky dance beats, they'll be gone soon anyway.

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Anonymous Pop P said...

You OBVIOUSLY have not seen any of their live performances. These guys are going nowhere but UP!

10:28 AM PST  

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