Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marcus Pollard: Fantasy Draft Pick Of The Week


Robert Pollard "I Clap For Strangers"

Robert Pollard "Spider Eyes"

Circus Devils "Pattern Girl"

Part of appreciating POP ZEUS! is my recognizing my unhealthy obsession with certain bands like Die!Die!Die!, Of Montreal and of course Robert Palmer. Oops I meant Robert Pollard. Uncle Bob is still going strong with three recent releases, although by the time I post this he'll probably have three more. I have to say his latest solo releases, Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions don't really do it for me. The two records could have been whittled down to a really good EPP. This doesn't mean the man has lost his touch however, on the contrary. Circus Devils' Sgt. Disco LP is a fascinating prog rock odyssey, and easily the most interesting thing Pollard has done in years. We may never get another Propeller or Same Place The Fly Got Smashed out of the man, but as long as he never stops releasing the music in his head I'll always be completely satisfied.

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