Thursday, January 31, 2008

Burnin' For All That Is Whacky


Mike Watt "Burnin' For You"

Mike Watt "Burnin' Up"

Minutemen "The Red And The Black"

If you've ever done any reading up on Mike Watt and the Minutemen, you probably know that they were all big fans of Blue Oyster Cult, specifically songwriter Richard Meltzer. Despite the stadium posturing and monster hits, the lyrics to many of their songs were quite well written and poetic. Here Watt nod in loving tribute to BOC with his version of their hit "Burnin' For You".


And just because I like to be thorough here is Watt's version of Madonna's "Burnin' Up" from Ciccone Youth's The Whitey Album. There. That should cover all of Mike Watt's solo career cover songs that contain the word "Burnin'". Also for good measure I'll throw in the Minutemen doing BOC's "The Red And The Black" from 1985's 3-Way Tie (For Last) and this wacky wall walker at no extra charge.

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Blogger moik said...

nice. is that nels cline on guitar on *i'm burning for you?*


9:14 PM PST  
Anonymous rockrobster23 said...

Weird. I did not know the Minutemen were BOC fans. Suddenly my punk rock friends' love for BOC makes a little more sense.

12:49 AM PST  

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