Monday, July 09, 2007

Paging Dr. Rock, Dr. Love Needs A Second Opinion

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Ween "Dr. Rock"

A while back a friend of mine unloaded a shitload of Ween mp3s on me, a band who i've always been somewhat indifferent towards. Half comedy, half high art, its no question Ween are talented musicians, but I guess the "Push The Little Daisies" thing from the Beavis & Butthead era always left a goofy tasting impression in my mouth.

These days every so often a Ween track will pop up on the old shuffle and I'll be taken aback like "Fuck! What is this shit? This is so great how can I have not known I had this?!?". My most recent moment like that was with "Dr. Rock". One part cheese ball 70s riffing, one part Devo, on part just plain off the wall. It'll keep me waiting with baited breath for that next random Ween track. I just hope its not "Little Daisies" or it will set me back 15 years.


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