Monday, July 02, 2007

Too Cool For The World


The Ponys "Glass Conversation"

The Ponys hail from Chicago. So right there they've got a big plus mark in my book. Growing up on Chicago's south side I was privy to many a local rock band, however most of them were of the punk or metal variety, not "indie rock", or I as I like to call it: rock n roll. There weren't a lot of bands like the Ponys in my neighborhood. No, they tended to dwell up north with the rest of the urban hipsters while we went to see Battery, the Metallica cover band (later to become Disturbed) in places like the Thirsty Whale or Champ's in Burbank.

The Pony's sound reflects their neighborhood choice in certain ways. Far removed from us meatheads on the south side they were choreographing guitar textures and intelligent lyrics. I'm not selling out my south side brethren at all here. Far from it. I prefer to be in a scene full of aspiring musicians doing it cause they love it rather than those doing it because it's fashionable, an easy way to get laid or because they're trust fund allows them to live in a hipster area the supposed "starving artists" are living in lofts that cost more than my parent's house.

So where I am I going with this? I don't know, really. I'm actually confusing myself now. It's just the kind of rant you'd expect from the likes of POP ZEUS. Bottom line is I like the Ponys, and I like south side metal. But I sure as shit wouldn't want to be roomates with them. There, how bout that.


Blogger Michael said...

go do some crimes.

yeah, let's get sushi and not pay.


6:57 PM PDT  
Blogger Michael said...

add "let's" to the beginning of that - okay? tanks.



6:58 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hipsters are fast becoming the new hippies (so predictable and easy targets)

Southside and Metal go together like rum and sodomy..

10:37 PM PDT  

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