Monday, June 18, 2007

Do This Like Brutus

keith n ho

Kool Keith "Taking Pictures"

This song is not for those who may find perverted hip hop in bad taste. Everybody knows that I may just be the world's biggest Kool Keith fan, but even the biggest fan has trouble keeping up with the man's many releases. Now they're not all gems, in fact in recent years his output has regrettably been on the decline quality wise. But for every shitty thrown together jam there's a "Poppa Large" or a "I'm Destructive" buried in the rough that makes you remember why you keep buying Keith's records. Such is the case with "Taking Pictures" from 2003's The Lost Masters.

An absolutely foul song, but any fan of Keith's would have it no other way. Keeping with his canon of absurdly deviant sexual desires, Keith implores a young lady here to "see them titties while i slap you with a roll of fitties". I dare any modern poet to string together together words as eloquently as Kool Keith does. I've said it before Keith obviously has a penchance for pissing on people, as he mentions it A LOT. This song is no exception. As long as you do it in "the right place".


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