Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Best Cheese Paper In Town


Cheeseburger "Tiger"

Cheeseburger (the band, not the delicious hot sandwich) sound like a rowdy drunken night on my back porch. Right up to the point where lead singer (who has a fondness for rainbow suspenders, dig this blender) asks "what the fuck is goin on" in the middle of their rager "Tiger". The sound of their self titled LP is that of three guys who got really drunk and decided to stage and all out riff fest.

Cheeseburger's sloppy rock n roll is manufactured only the way New York City scenesters can do it. One part Iggy, two parts Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and enough "I don't give a fuck" attitude to warm the heart of even the most jaded of hipster. Plus their music video features their frontman stumbling around in a fuzzy tiger costume and gettting hit with pies. Well done!


Blogger Michael said...

his cult of personality will inevitably take over the continental breakfast at the holiday inn express.



6:25 AM PDT  

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