Friday, June 01, 2007

For The Record, I Thought He Was Called The Papist


The Capes "Mexican Broads"

The Capes "Supergirls"

The Capes "Firstbase"

The Capes "Tightly Wound"

South London's the Capes are not afraid to be embarassingly poppy. They come across as a Rentals for the 00s and if they don't tickle your sweet tooth then you must already have a mouth full of cavities. Ha ha ha ha! ZING!

England sure seems to be pumping out a lot of bands like this lately. Indie rock sounding groups who straddle that fine line between straight ahead pop and guitar swing. I for one am happy about this recent phase. This is the kind of music poeple make summer mixtapes for. Then at the end of the summer they wonder what the hell they were ever thinking and why on earth did they hook up with that goth girl they met at the Hot Chip concert. And why were they ever listening to Hot Chip in the first place. Fortunately we have the internets to document every waking moment of every human being's life now, so you can go back and figure out where you went wrong.


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