Saturday, May 12, 2007

Give Me Back My Mutated Extra Finger


Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers "Give Me Back My Wig"

Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers "Ain't Got Nobody"

Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers "Fender Bender"

Hound Dog Taylor's debut record Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers was Alligator Records first release in 1971. Taylor was a slide guitar genius really only known in the Chicago area until this point, but his newfound fame wouldn't last long. Taylor would die just four years later in 1975 of cancer. The man reeked of soul and exuded nothing but raw energy when performing even in his death throes.

Hound Dog purportedly had a sixth finger in each hand but amputated the extra finger on his right hand with a razor blade while drunk. Well at least he was drunk when he did it. When he woke up the next day he apparently though the finger fairy had come, and was enraged to find no money left under his pillow.



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