Friday, May 04, 2007

Disrespect Yr Elders


KISS "The Oath"

KISS "Escape From The Island"

KISS "Dark Light"

KISS "Mr. Blackwell"

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Kiss' Music From "The Elder" is widely considered one of the worst records of all time, mainly because it lost a lot of money for its creators and distributors. They were so sure it was going to be a hit they pressed an unprecedented amount of copies, and it can subsequently be found in every cut out bin in every record store on planet Earth.

But for some reason it was still remastered and re-released on compact disc. The Elder is a concept record because Kiss' Destroyer was a concept record and that paid off big time for them. The difference between Destroyer and The Elder is that Destroyer had halfway decent songs on it. The Elder tells the story of a young man in the future who comes to terms with his powers and does battle with an evil villian, or some bullshit.

The instrumental track, "Escape From The Island" deals with a scenario where our hero has to escape from a vegetated piece of land surrounded by water of some sort. The tracks "Dark Light" and "Mr. Blackwell" were co-written with Lou Reed, who lists himself as Lewis Reed on the credits to obviously distance himself as far from this project as possible while still receiving a check. Contrary to popular belief, "Mr. Blackwell" is not about that faggy guy who pioneered the likes of Joan and Melissa Rivers. These two songs are probably the most dismal selections amidst a murky bog of absolutely terrible songs, the only bright point being "The Oath". So if you ever scoffed at The Elder in a used record bin before but secretly wished what it sounded like, here you go. Here's your highlight reel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had read in a guitar magazine about this record that they had made a full length movie based on this starring chris makepeace, the little dude from *my bodyguard,* but it was never released.




9:10 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

wow. that movie must be awful. ut we'll nevere know as the negatives were probably all destroyed long, long ago.

5:21 PM PDT  
Anonymous Jude said...

Kiss did a song called "Let's Put The 'X' In Sex" in the 90's...by comparison, '...The Elder' is a masterwork.

1:20 PM PDT  

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