Thursday, May 03, 2007

In Full Rock Mode


Modey Lemon "Feed The Babies"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Normally the way it works is I buy a band's first record, and if I like them I'll buy their next one. This formula worked backwards with Modey Lemon. I started with their latest, last year's The Curious City, then recently found their 2002 self titled LP in the used section and bought that. There's a stark contrast between the two records. The debut record is more or less hard driving rock n roll, while The Curious City gets a little more arty and experimental. As long as they straddle that line between the Velvet Undergound and the MC5, things will go just fine between me and this band. As a matter of fact, anyone that straddles anything is just super.


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