Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Remember When There Were One Set Of Footsteps? That's When Prince Was Carrying You.

prints batdants

Prince "Batdance"

Prince "Partyman"

Prince "Trust"

Prince "Electric Chair"

When Tim Burton's Batman movie came out in 1989, it was a world wide hit. I remember bugging my mother to take me to see it because I was so excited. The film would later spawn many sequels that just got worse and worse until they decided to scrap the whole thing and start all over again with Batman Begins. But i'll tell you something, those sequels could have been saved if they had only let Prince continue to do the soundtracks.

Prince threw himself into the Batman soundtrack completely, as he does with all his work. The man took a pretty ludicrous concept and turned into a nightmare of soul and funk. Okay, songs like "Batdance" are a little self indulgent and weird, but they're still master strokes of genius. "Partyman" and "Trust" could have been singles on any other Prince record. Perhaps Batman's persona wasn't purple enough for Prince to trudge on through the sequels, although he probably dug Joel Schumaker's nipple-codpiece batsuits. In a non-gay way.


Blogger Sean McManus said...

I think Prince liked the idea of exploring dual personalities, as he did on Lovesexy. There's a thread of good vs evil running through the Batman album and videos, and Prince's Gemini character (half Batman and half Joker) personifies that. The 12" of Partyman is one of Prince's greatest tracks ever. The whole album stands up really well today. Great songs, and stunning presentation.

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