Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eat A Pie For Charity


The Joggers "Long Distance Runaround"

The Thermals "Tangerine"

Whip "White Wedding"

Ah, Portland. I remember going there once for a few days as a pre-teen, and thinking the place reeked of pretension. Of course I was too young to appreciate the finer things Portland had to offer. But in the motel we stayed at Ice-T was in the room across the parking lot from us! I watched as he brought a single file line of bad bitches into his room, and visions of sexual debauchery danced in my head.

Bridging the Distance is a new compliation put together by a nonprofit organization that apparently dabbles in getting awesome indie rock bands to do covers of their favorite non-indie rock songs. Here we have the Joggers covering Yes' "Long Distance Runaround" (a highlight of their SXSW performance a few years ago), the Thermals offering their own take of Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine" and Whip doing a knock out version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding". This comp is chock full of fantastic bands doing fantastic cover versions without a sliver of irony. Well, okay maybe there's a little irony involved. But the ironing is delicious!


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