Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Air Was Thick With Cat Calls (No Pun Intended)

And now the latest installment of everyone's favorite Miami Vice styled action cop show that stars all cats, Whiskers & Mr. Fancy! Epsiode 2: "Introducing Mr. Fancy"


Blogger Michael said...

that's great - i loved the nugent cover on the wall. and the pole in the cat house - nice.


say - aren't calico cats always female?


7:19 AM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

if yr implying that mr. fancy is actually a girl cat... yr right. he's played by Leni.

1:26 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive been making a new hobby of trapping cats. we have eight cats living around the vacant house behind our place (six kittens - very cute) and, well, do the math: there will be an INFINITE amt of cats living in our yard soon.

so ive been trapping them in a dog crate rigged with a rope through the back using smoked salmon as bait. i sit and wait then pull a string of old extension cords to slam the door shut.

but now i have an actual (borrowed) cat trap that doesnt require my presence (but i wont leave it out all night for fear of trapping one of the ubiquitous skunks we have in our vicinity - that would be a disaster.)

i rehomed a couple kittens to a friend who owns a ranch and said his barn looks like a cat geriatric ward. the rest go to the pound - who knows what their fate will be.

why not just leave them? because i dont want my dog, faced with an infinite herd of cats, to learn to be a crazy eyed cat killa - that's why!

so you need more cats for yr movies?? i got what you need. now get outta meowffice.


7:33 PM PDT  

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