Sunday, July 08, 2007

Got Any Change, Paisano?


"The Super Mario Brothers Super Show" theme song

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show (a bit redundant, if you ask me) was a short lived daily kid's show in which Captain Lou Albano (of WWF & Cyndi Lauper video fame) portrayed everyone's favorite barrel jumping, fireball spitting, brick busting, Tanooki suit wearing, wife beating, racoon tail flying, go kart racing Italian American plumber Mario.

The show featured cheap cartoons based on Nintendo characters and wasn't very entertaining. I did however watch the show from time to time as it was carefully place in the time slot of right when I got home from school, where all you want to do is watch television, no matter how lame it is.

This show was on channel 32 in Chicago as part of a kid's show package called the Koz Zone, hosted by ex Son Of Svenghouli host Rich Koz, who also worked at the Subway by my house and attacked me and my friends with snowballs in July once. Its a long story. Actually its a short story, and I just told it to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw him once at the evergreen plaza as the son of svenghoolie. he was hilarious.


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