Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doin Hocus Pocus Like My Man Kurt Vonnegut


Professor Murder "Free Stress Test"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Professor Murder take their name from a Mr. Show character. Believe me, I've watched the show enough to have known this immediately when I saw the artists' name. Professor Murder showed up twice in the Mr. Show series. First as a panel member commenting on the East coast vs. West Coast ventriloquist feud, and later as a ringer brought in by the Fat Kid's Camp to compete against the Dalai Lama in a rap-off competition. I've watched all these episodes so many times I've ruined the show for myself, much like I did with Led Zeppelin in junior high school.

Oh yeah, the MUSIC, right. Well the band Professor Murder hails from New York (why does this not surprise me) and their music is a sort of amalgamation of dance, funk and hip hop. So that means they'd be great for your daughter's Bat Mitzvah! Contact them now and make an appointment! They love that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you like this graphic check out the cover of the latest *new yorker*

subway connections by david heatly

ha ha - i'm old, eh?

7:24 PM PST  
Anonymous Naveed said...

i hope there's lots of guest appearances by "kill or be killed"


11:45 PM PDT  

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