Sunday, November 12, 2006

Do The No Pants Dance


Brick "Dazz" (aka THAT SONG)

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Amongst my many trips to Amoeba Records here in L.A. (they take about a hundred dollars out of my pocket once a week) I've always noticed one particular record hanging on the wall. There among the literally thousands of LP jackets on the wall, Brick's "Good High" always caught my eye. Perhaps it was the white suited pimp gleefully holding a giant brick of hash (that's apparently lit!), but it always garnered my attention.

One day to my delight I found a used copy of the record. For $1.99 at that! I was overjoyed to know that I would soon have this work of art hanging on MY wall. I rushed home but before cementing in history on my wall along side other great covers like "12 Commandments In Metal" and Wang Chung's "To Live And Die In L.A." Soundtrack I got curious. I put the record on and to my surprise the first song was THAT song!

You know, THAT SONG! I've heard THAT SONG before! Okay THAT SONG has a title, "Dazz", but I never knew that. I even recognized it as a sample from Snoop Doggs "Snoopafella". So not only did I get a wonderful wall hanging, but I got one of the best party tracks of all time. I assume the name "Dazz" came from the idea that it's a combination of disco and jazz. But who am I to interpret the great works? I don't have a master's degree in the subject. That would be like me dissecting individual issues of the comic book "Groo The Wanderer"; I just don't have the qualifications.



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