Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sonic Temple

danger of cults

Danger Of Cults "Haydn's Pussycat Magazine"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

I know very little about Danger Of Cults aside from the fact that he (she? they?) is (are?? was??) a last.fm user. I was directed to Danger Of Cults' last.fm page by way of recommendation. See, we share a lot of the same tastes in music, and I was intrigued by the things I saw on their list that I didn't recognize.

I also followed a link to their Myspace page, and found wonderful music to behold. It's trancey electronic stuff, but I rather like it. Sort of a soundtrack for dropping acid at Evergreen Plaza mall on the south side of Chicago and waking up in the dressing room of the Men's Big & Tall Store, wondering how it came to this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

or an aborted cd theft followed by wandering around and ending up at the plaza. how come people never write about stuff like that!?


8:07 PM PDT  

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