Friday, August 04, 2006

I Forgot To Remember To Forget


The Forget "Fireworks School"

The Forget "Knives Come Out (God Damn Radio)"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

It's a well known fact that here at Pop Zeus! I am a complete shill for bands that contain friends of mine. Hence, today's post is about The Forget, a fantastic L.A. power pop band that I would like even if they all weren't very good friends of mine.

I met the members of the Forget when I first moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. I was friendless, and decided to see if there were any Guided By Voices fans here by way of Postal Blowfish, GBV's fan club/email list. I was surprised to be immediately invited down to Torrance (home of Eddy Adams/Dirk Diggler) for an 'Isolation Drills' listening party. This is where I met the group who would become very close friends of mine from that point on.

Back when I met them, the Forget were a Guided By Voices cover band called either Expecting Brainchild or Gaping Blue Vagina, I forget! Although it was a lot of fun, they grew tired of covering their favorite band and decided to pen their own pop gems. The GBV influence is there, but so is the influence of all the other fantastic music the Forget listens to adamantly. See, these guys are hardcore music fans just like me (part of why we get along so well). In fact, you can check out their musical musings over at the Record Robot, Pop Zeus' brethren page and the reason why i'm here.

"Fireworks School" is as fun as they come, and the idea of it is pretty cool. Imagine if there were a fireworks school, or camp that you could go to as a kid. Despite the occasional blown off finger, I think it would be the summer of a lifetime! "Knives Come Out (God Damn Radio)" is an anthem to end all power pop anthems. Well, actually I hope it isn't, I happen to like power pop anthems!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear sir or madam,

i am a mac user in klamath falls oregon. i don't understand your designation mac users use control click or whatever it was that you instructed. i am finding that option click is actually the way to go. please advise.

also - how can i download porn with my mac?

c'mon - just tell me!

i know you know how to do it. why won't you tell me?


a mac user

8:02 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'member the time you & me were talkin bout the time i couldn't 'member 'memberin'?


6:02 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forget to mention how HAWT the forget members are!

3:11 PM PDT  

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