Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Have A Say, Then!


Hard Skin "Beer & Fags"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

I feel I haven't shown much love to the OI! community here at Pop Zeus, so to remedy that, here's a cut by Hard Skin, a ridiculous OI! outfit from the UK. As you can tell from the lead in to this live track, this song is about drinking, smoking fags and having a fucking laugh. Oh yeah, it's about havin' a say as well, whatever that means. This powerful intro is then followed by the artist and audience antagonizing each other, which is quite common in the world of OI!

Obviously the members of Hard Skin are not straight-edgers, as a member of that community surely would never pen an ode to cigarettes and alcohol. So turn it up, and have yourself a ciggy and a Pabst. and while yr at it, have yourself a SAY!


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