Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sexy Fellas


The Exploited "Sex & Violence"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

Since Tuesday's post was about OI! rockers Hard Skin, I thought I'd take a little trip down mOImery lane, with a track by The Exploited.

The Exploited came out of the second wave of UK punk bands in the early 80s, and according to some sources were an important piece in the OI! puzzle. After reading up on OI! on wikipedia, I learned that's its embraced by most racist and non racist skinheads alike, as well as pub crawling soccer hooligans. So while I am still trying to figure out exactly what OI! is, I already know I like it. Sub-mental lyrics and rudimentary guitar lines? Right up my alley. Respect for no one including yr own audiences? Count me in.

The Exploited later went on to become a sort of punk/trash band, but as illustrated in "Sex And Violence", they kept things quite simple back in the day. Once while I was playing this song a friend of mine misheard the lyrics as "sexy fellas", which I think might be a better lyric. A good song to play before a night at the Roxbury, you sexy fellas you.


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