Friday, July 20, 2007

GA X 5


Spoon "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb"

Spoon "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (alt version)"

I can only tell you what I know for sure. The first thing is that I consider Spoon to be one of my favorite bands. The second thing is that the first time I heard records like Gimme Fiction and Girls Can Tell, certain songs, such as "The Beast And Dragon, Adored" and "Lines In Suit" jumped out at me right away and quickly became all time favorites. The third thing is that nothing on Spoon's new record Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga has had that effect on me in over twenty something listens so far.

So what does this mean? That the record is no good? Well I wouldn't exactly say that. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is an upbeat affair, to be sure. It's got the kind of hooks you would expect from a Spoon record. It even expands their sound with different kinds of arrangements (see: horns) but that's just the kind of thing you'd expect from these guys. Always evolving.

And yet still the record doesn't grab me. It's not groin grabbingly good, as Homer Simpson might say. Seeing as Spoon commands several of the most played tracks in my iTunes, I guess I expect more from them. I'm not used to it taking this long for me to enjoy one of their records. My loss, I guess.


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