Thursday, July 19, 2007

He Hates These Cans!!


Klaxons "Golden Skans"

"Golden Skans" comes from a band that I actually did NOT get to see while at Chicago's Pitchfork Festival this past weekend, but I appreciate them nonetheless. See they had different stages running acts at the same time, and while I wanted to see Klaxons, I couldn't pass up watching De La Soul, who ended up being one of the best performances of the weekend. So forgive me if this seems uninformed or even hyporcritical, but that's just how I roll.

Klaxons hail from England (I don't think they believe in putting a "The" in front of their nomenclature) and play a sort of disco rock. Think of bands like Franz Ferdinand where they ride the cymbal the whole song, ultimately making it easy to dance to. While at the festival this past weekend I overheard a lot of buzz about Klaxons as well as seeing a lot of super tight t shirts emblazoned with their names. But again, De La Soul just had to take precedence. If only I could have cloned myself and been in two places at once. Ah, I've been dreaming of that scenario for years. Good thing modern science is promising its right around the corner!


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