Monday, June 26, 2006

Dangerous & Moving


John S. Rad "Dangerous Men"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

This mp3 is an advertisement of sorts for Iranian auteur John S. Rad's "Dangerous Men", a film that took over two decades to make, and it shows in the final cut. "Dangerous Men" has been described as "Ed Wood meets Miami Vice" and is so bad it borders on the surreal. Scenes shot in 1987 butt up against scenes shot in 1998 (you can tell by looking at the CALENDAR in the background!!) as John S. Rad relentlessly barrages his audience with nonsensical plot twists and horrible, HORRIBLE acting.

At one point an actor, on the phone in his scene, is visibly reading his lines off the script on the table in front of him. We know this because his lines are highlighted in yellow marker. Also, the phone cord is NOT ATTACHED TO THE PHONE. "Dangerous Men" is so poorly made that one may tend to believe it was made like this on purpose. But then why did it take so long to make? Such is the mystery of John S. Rad.

This hysterical mp3 features Rad himself "rapping" over a piece of found stock music about the virtues of his film ("It's SO DIFFERENT!") as well as the film's website, which you can see for yourself HERE: dangerousmenthemovie.com

Yes, this is a higly played mp3 on my playlist, as it never seems to get old for me. And I think you will agree that Dangerous Men, the movie, is FINE!


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