Monday, June 26, 2006

I sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles


The Geto Boys "My Mind Is Playin' Tricks On Me"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

If you've ever partied at my house, you'll know that I have a habit of performing this song in its entirety with great flair towards the end of the night. It's always been one of my favorite songs and should probably be considered one of the greatest rap songs ever recorded. I have entertained many with my rendition of "My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me", but now that you have it, it's YOUR turn to act like the jack ass for once. Learn it, perform it and there will be a parade thrown in honor of the winner.


Anonymous adam said...

I'm glad that I'm not alone...

2:40 AM PDT  

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