Monday, June 26, 2006

Raffi For A New Generation


Busdriver "Imaginary Places"

[right click to download, ctrl click if yr a mac!]

Methinks that Busdriver might be considered more jazz than hip hop, although the argument could be made for both. On "Imaginary Places" he admits that he "just wants to hold yr hand when you die", making him the most original rapper I've heard in a long time. I just couldn't picture the Game saying something like that, nor 50 Cent. Although 50 Cent could be saying anything through those fucking marbles he has in his mouth. Seriously why is that guy popular? He's like the shittiest rapper i've ever heard!

Busdriver, real name Regan Farquhar, hails from Los Angeles. Considered to be one of those "underground" rappers (which I guess means he lives under the 5 freeway somewhere and feeds on the ghosts of dead famous people), I think the world would be a better place if they'd let Busdriver rap every day on TRL instead of the absolute GARBAGE they show on there now. He could clue kids in on how to REALLY piss off their parents: by showing interest in the arts.



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