Monday, June 26, 2006

With Love From Me To Dudes

Morning Glories-Fully Loaded

The Morning Glories "Tower"

The Morning Glories "Jazz"

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The Morning Glories' "Tower" was brought to my attention by a friend of mine solely for the line "You got to feel like heaven". See, we had a short lived game where we would think of songs containing the line "heaven" and replace them with my name, Kevin. It was fun for like a half an hour. "You got to feel like Kevin, or you don't feel nothin' at all".

But having the song pop up on my shuffle alot compelled me towards acquring the Morning Glories' full album, 'Fully Loaded' and I found i like it quite a bit. They sound alot like the Jesus Lizard, albeit slightly more subdued. The Morning Glories came and went during the nineties and I never heard of them until now, but it's pretty good stuff.

Another game much more fun than the "Heaven/Kevin" game is replacing the word "you" in song with the word "dude", or "dudes". Its another one of those things that never gets old to me, and it's endless because every song ever recorded contains the word you. Example: the Scorpions "No One Like You"

there's no one like dudes
i can't wait for the nights with dudes
i imagine the things dudes do
i just wanna be loved by duuuuudes
no one like dudes!

See? comedy gold. Or how about "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys:

i may not always love dudes
but as long as there are stars above dudes
dudes never need to doubt it
i'll make dudes so sure about it
god only knows what i'd be without dudes

One more. Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me"

i want dudes to want me
i need dudes to need me
i'd love to dudes to love me
i'm beggin dudes to beg me
didnt i didnt i didnt i see dudes cryin?
didnt i didnt i didnt i see dudes cryin?
feelin all alone without a friend you know dudes felt like dyin
didnt i didnt i didnt i see dudes cryin?

Well, at least its funny to me. I welcome your own variations of the DUDE motif in my comments section!


Blogger Little Sully said...

I would contribute to this post, but it is much more fun to get drunk at TC's and sing the songs with you. What a fun game it is!

1:33 AM PDT  

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