Tuesday, May 02, 2006



  • Mclusky "To Hell With Good Intentions"

  • Mclusky "Day Of The Deadringers"

  • [right click to download]

    Oh how I wish i had discovered Mclusky when they were in exeistence. The Welsh trio disbanded on friday, january 7 2005. I don't think I even knew about them on that day. But what a great band. Super fuzzed out, screaming simple choruses like "We do more drugs than your band", and album titles like 'My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours', they're a band after my own heart.

    A lot of their songs seemed to be full of jealousy for other more successful bands. Did I say jealousy? Because I meant bile drooling spite. And not for just more succesful bands than they, but every band on earth in general. Perhaps this abundance of hatred let to their untimely demise. Perhaps not.

    Mclusky sounds to me like a band i'd like to see live. Something to get excited for. I used to jump around a lot at Guided By Voices shows, getting drunk and singing along arm in arm with all the other postal blowfish, making a general ass out of myself. That band now has disbanded as well, and the Robert Pollard solo shows just don't fill me with the same urge to act a fool. But when I think about Mclusky, and the feeling of drinking gasoline mixed with nighttrain i get when i listen to them, I just wonder what might have happened if I had been a regular spectator of their shows instead of GBV. Behaving like a general ass may have turned to behaving like a just plain dangerous sociopath.

    Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't learn about them till now.

  • mclusky.net"

    Blogger BigShemp said...

    I saw them on their last LA show at the Echo in November '04. They kicked much ass, but the place was only half-full as they'd played Spaceland the night before. Singer/guitarist Andy "Falco" Falkous spent a lot of time heckling a couple of loud bastards in the audience. And they had one sad groupie who looked sort of like that "unsubspecting victims" guy from Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

    And they were fucking loud.

    The band that spun off from them (with the Stumpy Pepys-looking bassist) is horrible enough that I don't remember their name.

    2:17 AM PDT  

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