Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sensible Gangsta


  • Pants Pants Pants "Sensible Gangsta"

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    McCULLOUGH's MP3 OF THE WEEK 008: 04.17.2006

    Title: "Sensible Gangsta"
    Artist: Pants Pants Pants
    Album: Pop Songs To Make Us Famous
    Year: 2005

    This week's track contains a valuable lesson to be learned: If you're going to be a hip hop artist, you don't necessarily need all of the "required" bling bling. This particularly MC discusses the merits of being a "sensible" gangsta. In other words, by cutting costs in his thrill a minute life style, he will out last all the other rappers out there. He even has a cameo in this song by what sounds like may be his accountant or lawyer, probably because it can count as a tax write off of some kind.

    Cutting corners everywhere is the name of the game for this MC:

    I wrote this rhyme on cardboard to save on paper
    Dog eared the corners no need for a stapler

    Wow, now that's clever. I bet Paul Wall never thought to do that. Wall probably writes on glass paper with a diamond tip pen. But it's not going to last long living that way. Bet he doesn't even have a 401K!

    Little is known (by me) about Pants Pants Pants aside from the fact that they hail from rural Virginia, label themselves loosely as "Electrocknic", and most of their catalogue consists of electronic dance music. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but they do it with a tongue in cheek attitude that makes it bearable. Nothing else on this record sounds like "Sensible Gangsta", if you're looking for more. I guess it's kind of like their novelty hit single. Kind of like that band Crash Test Dummies. They had a hit with that "Mmm Mmm Mmm" song, where in reality they were a total black death metal band. Guess they weren't very sensible with the money they made, either.

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    Blogger Ben said...

    I love music that only 7 people on the planet have heard of. That said, it's really strange that the first comment I'm leaving here is about hip-hop...

    I think the sensible gangsta misses the point of being a gangsta. Gangstas typically count on not outliving their money. They enjoy the bling while it is here, because tomorrow, someone might bust a cap in dat ass. I suspect that somehow, 'sensible' was a cooler rhyme than 'cheap.'

    Happy posting! I'll be back!

    8:04 PM PDT  

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