Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Days As A Chimney Sweep


Paul McCartney "Put It There"

Paul McCartney "My Brave Face"

I was a big fan of Paul McCartney's "comeback" record Flowers In The Dirt back when it came out in 1989. Or rather I should say my sister was. She used to play it constantly in her bedroom boombox, which was separated from my room by an air duct. So I would lay down next to the duct to hear songs like "My Brave Face" and "Figure Of Eight". I got the playlist down pat enough so I knew to resume my usual boyhood duties (which I gues consisted of playing Nintendo and drawing comics) during the songs I didn't like, and then get right back down there for the likes of "Put It There" and "This One".

Flowers In The Dirt introduced Macca's partnership with Elvis Costello, who he actually compared to John Lennon in terms of his personality at times. Pink Floyd's David Gilmour also plays guitar on the record and its hard not to know it's him, as his sound is about as identifiable as Eddie Van Halen. Eddie's on there too, although he was reduced to a skin flute solo. Anyway this popped up on the iPod in the car today, and I shouted along just as if I was right back there on the floor lying next to the air duct.


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