Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monster Put Card In Wallet!

Sunday is TV theme song day here at POP ZEUS!

monster put card in wallet?

Sonic Youth "Simpsons theme song"

"Talkin' Softball"

"Bill Cosby Pokemon"

"Meow Mix"

"Ned Flanders Theme Song"

"Uruguay/You Are Gay"

In honour of the Simpsons movie coming out this week (I already went to my local Kwik-E-Mart and bought a Squishee and a six pack of cavity inducing pink donuts) here is a plethora of random Simpsons mp3s. I would definitely describe myself as a Simpsons fan of the fanatic variety. I hear people say all the time that the Simpsons hasn't been funny in years. I completely disagree with that, it's still the funniest thing on television. And I absolutely detest Family Guy, a poor man's Simpsons at its very best. 24 hours a day, Simpsons quotes run through my head, replacing rational thoughts, leaving me a social misfit with nothing to say except for "another day, another box of stolen pens" or "by the way ambassador is taken". It may not make sense to the mass public, but to a small subsection of the populus, it becomes a new language. You could almost say we just ATE Uder, and he's in our stomachs right now!!


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