Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Tried. I Gave Up.


Nine Inch Nails "Gave Up"

I will admit a slight fondness for Nine Inch Nails from time to time. In high school I was a big fan of The Downward Spiral, although I never dressed in black nor have I ever smoked a clove cigarette. They did rock back then however, likened to now, where it all just seems to sound the same to me.

"Gave Up" is from the Broken EP, whose accompanying film was a disturbing collection of music videos (including the sadomasochistic "Happiness In Slavery" where a dude gets his dick cut off by some sort of torture machine, and then is ground into meat) tied together by a home video looking document of a nihilistic murderer torturing an innocent victim in his house. "Gave Up" plays during the final moment in which the victim is disembowled and ultimately killed. Play it for Pep Pep and Nana!


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