Saturday, March 31, 2007

Monkees Fling Poo


The Monkees "All Of Your Toys"

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Watching VH1 Classic the other night as I am prone to do with most of my television viewing time, I came across Daydream Believer: The Monkees Story. Now I watched my share of reruns of the Monkees tv show when I was young, but I had no no idea what they were really like. According to this movie, the lads madcap, carefree, vaudevillian attitude was based on reality. They were like that ALL THE TIME.

Of course, this movie also suggested that at the end of their run they decided it wasn't bad being a Monkee after all, and proceeded to sing and dance their namesake song on Venice Beach with a bunch of bikinied lasses. I mean, was there an actual fact checker working on this film?

Other highlights of this ridiculous film were a really bad Jimi Hendrix impersonator (he opened for the Monkees on his first tour of America, bad planning for sure), a bad Jack Nicholson impersonator (he helped them make their feature film Head, more bad planning), bad Beatles impersonators (apparently they threw the Monkees a party while they were visiting London, as if the fab four would ever have anything to do with these clowns) and the inclusion of "All Of Your Toys", one of the Monkees great "lost singles". Mickey Dolenz really shines vocally on this track. Whether or not the rest of the Monkees performed on the record is a point of dispute, but according to the Daydream Believers, they actually did play their own instruments on the track, while being chased by the Mummy and the Wolf Man. Madcap!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was an original fan back when, and I had seen this movie when it first aired on VH1. Then recently I had found it in a video rental store, with the commentary by three of them included in the dvd. Micky says, in that commentary, that he was surprised how the actors who portrayed them in the movie did seem to capture how they were towards one another and acted on the set, in the early days. Craziness, you are right, lol. The people who hired himself, Mike, Peter, and Davy to play these parts really found the chemistry element between all of them pretty well, eh? That only lent to their ascent to the top, I'd say. And I'd not heard All Of Your Toys before I saw the movie on VH1...gosh it took me right back to my fangirl days. I practically knew all the words and melody after the first listen, too, lol. I have no idea why it was not released as a single, let alone on an album - it was perfect for them at the time!

1:59 PM PDT  
Blogger Michael said...


i remember seeing a monkees special on tv - i am not sure if it was head or something else, and i recall thinking that it was THE COOLEST THING I EVER SAW, EVER!!!!!

granted, i was like eight years old at the time, but honestly, i used to idolize those guys for all the reasons that their handlers expected.

i saw the last half of head on cable a while ago - i still thouught it was pretty cool.

if the mmonkees were the pre-fab fab four well then so were the sex pistols and the plasmatics (who i have been rediscovering lately)




7:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Michael said...

oh yeh - and i liked the song you posted - thanks!


7:08 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the Beatles DID throw a party for the Monkees. John Lennon was quoted saying "I think you're the greatest comic talent since the Marx Brothers. I've never missed one of your programs." to Michael Nesmith in 1967. Nesmith's caricature appears in the Magical Mystery Tour booklet that accompanied the US album.

4:58 AM PDT  

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