Monday, March 26, 2007

Fuck Yes


Yes "Heart Of The Sunshine"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Yes is well known for being Marv Albert's favorite 1970s progressive rock group. I used to look at the jackets of my older brother's Yes records as a youngun and think "wow, from the looks of the cover this record must contain some far out shit". It did indeed. "Heart Of The Sunrise" is an opus that you might remember from Vincent Gallo's film Buffalo 66.

I've really just scratched the surface on this whole prog thing, but keep this in mind: No matter how much I go on about Genesis, Rush and King Crimson in the following weeks, I'm still not going to play Dungeons and Dragons with you. Face it, that's for huge nerds.


Blogger Tony said...

I think Sherman Hemsley also is a fan. Use that information however you'd like.

10:34 AM PDT  
Blogger boatbutter said...

"Sweetness" was played at the end, not "Heart of the Sunrise"

8:17 AM PST  

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