Friday, March 23, 2007

Death By VVX

death human

I recently picked up (what I believe to be) some reissues of old Death records, Human and Individual Thought Patterns, two classic death metal albums of the nineties. This stuff is so fantastic, so artistically far beyond what people usually think death metal is (blindingly fast riffs played at max volume with a Scandanavian guy barking over double bass drums) that it brought me back to my younger metal head days once again. My post on Obituary a ways back heralded more comments and discussion than anything else on POP ZEUS! Mostly about a late night heavy metal station in Chicago called VVX, hosted by one Scott Loftus, who we're all wondering what he's up to these days.

metal tape

But in my reminiscense, I remembered that I used to tape songs of that metal station that I thought were cool, giving me countless hours of bad ass metal mix tapes. I rummaged around my old box of tapes until I found two of them. Here the listing for those tapes, which is a good example of the range of metal Loftus and his crew used to rape the airwaves with:

The first tape I found is called "4: The Legacy Continues" (DORK!)

White Trash "Apple Pie"
Primus "Blue Collar Tweekers"
Slayer "War Ensemble"
Metal Church "Date With Poverty"
Soundgarden "Jesus Christ Pose"
Slayer "Angel Of Death"
Metallica "Jump In The Fire"
Helloween "I Want Out"

Metallica "Hit The Lights"
Slayer "Jesus Saves"
Inectious Grooves "Punk It Up"
Exodus "Lunatic Parade"
Megadeth "Hook In Mouth"
Intruder "Final Word"

Let it be known that this tape was recorded over MC Hammer's "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em". The next tape is labeled "A New Beginning", which actually makes sense as it is chock full of death metal.

Wartime "Wartime"
Iron Maiden "From Here To Eternity"
Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
Rollins Band "Low Self Opinion"
Sacred Reich "Love/Hate"
Obituary ""The End Complete"
Exhorder "I Am The Cross"
Alice In Chains "Sickman"

Danzig "Dirty Black Summer"
Obituary "Rotting Ways"
Megadeth "Peace Sells"
Corrosion Of Conformity "Vote With A Bullet"
Ministry "N.W.O."
Death "Lack Of Comprehension"
Sepultura "Murder"
Napalm Death "Siege Of Power"
Entombed "Living Dead"


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