Monday, March 12, 2007

Who Threw A Beer At My Brother?


The Black Crowes "Exit"

The Black Crowes "Exit #2"

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In my high school days, I was a big fan of Georgia's The Black Crowes. I probably saw them live more than any other band since, they were seemingly ALWAYS playing in Chicago, sometimes for three night stands. This was in the Amorica period, around 1994 or so, where they were channeling hippie jam rock Allman Brothers style. I even sat through bands like Dave Matthews and Blues Traveler at the short lived H.O.R.D.E. Festival, bands I hated, just to see the Crowes. No, I wasn't a psuedo hippie, I was just a fan of their old fashioned brand of rock n roll.

At one show at the Aragon Ballroom late into their set, a drunk girl next to me threw her cup of beer towards the stage and ended up hitting singer Chris Robinson point blank in the face. He stormed off in a huff, and was soon followed by the rest of the band. It wasn't funny at the time because it seemed like the crowd around us, mostly comprised of motorcycle gang members, were about to tear the place apar tin riotous fashion. A bit later the band came out and Robinson apologized, saying at least he wasn't wearing a Packers t shirt, since he happened to be wearing a Bears shirt. More points to the Crowes!

"Exit" is a song they used to play a lot during that period. Another Allman Bros type jam with a killer riff. It was never released on a proper album but I managed to track it down on a couple Crowes bootlegs (oh yeah, I 've got a lot of those, too). I believe it was recorded for the album Tall, which was recorded before Amorica but never released until recently on The Lost Crowes compilation last year. Curiously, "Exit" was not included. So pretend its 1994 and you're a stoned teenager, and you're desparately trying to get laid, but you'll settle for some southern rock n roll instead.


Blogger Faybio said...

WE must be the same age. I used to go to the Orpheum shows here in Boston 2-3 nights in a row whenever TBC came to town. During the golden age of the band ('93-'97), a Crowes show was a joyous, emotional, experience. The Orpheum balcony is large so it overlooks the stage, and steep to allow most a great view. It would start to shake along with the music, enhancing the musical journey. Security was run by professionals who knew to let everyone have a good time. Cigarette and pot smoke filled the hall. It was something. The old bootlegs still bring me back. Of course new smoking laws (no, I'm not a smoker) and Orpheum rules prohibiting DRINKING IN THE SEATS(???) harshed the experience in May 2005, when the re-uninted TBC returned to the venue of many classic shows. At the end of night two, the band announced that TBC would never play the Orpheum again. Rough to hear that at the time, I must admit.

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