Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Ending Rubdown

sunset rubdown

Sunset Rubdown "Stadium And Shrines II"

Sunset Rubdown "Snakes Got A Leg III"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Sunset Rubdown's Shut Up I Am Dreaming sounds like what would happen if you invited Rick Wakeman, Marc Bolan and Devendra Banhart to a bonfire. Its at the same time proggy and folky, and the wheels never quite leave the runway. Nevertheless its captivating in an odd way, The record provokes images both ludicrous and haunting, and invites you to finish this shit before it's cashed.

This is Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade's other band. He's also involved in a project with Dan Bejar of Destroyer called Swan Lake, which yields sort of the same results as Sunset Rubdown. Being a big fan of Wolf Parade already, specifically their debut LP Apologies To The Queen Mary, I tried to swoop this up into my clutches as soon as I heard it was out.

For some reason I wasn't able to get a copy from Los Angeles' famed Amoeba Records until this past weekend, they were always out of it. I took this as a sign reporting it to be the greatest recording ever to be laid down by human beings, because why else would it be so popular. They've got 198 copies of the Dreamgirls Soundtrack and none of this? What gives? Finally I stumbled upon a copy, but instead of being the next White Album, it merely proved to be an interesting but possibly forgettable 45 minute listening experience. Oh well, I wonder what those Dreamgirls are up to....


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