Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'll Be In A Hot Air Balloon At That Time


Longmont Potion Castle "Rolo Candies"

Longmont Potion Castle "Y2K Survey"

Longmont Potion Castle "A Grover Loaf"

Longmont Potion Castle "I'm The One Asking The Questions"

Longmont Potion Castle "Wizard Of Wor"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Longmont Potion Castle hails from somewhere near Denver, and no, they're not the newest buzz band on the blogosphere. Its basically one very weird dude pulling prank phone calls. But its not that simple. Some of Mr. Castle's (I like to call him Frank) calls border on dadaist due to their bizarre nature. This doesn't mean they're not laugh so hard you accidentally cut a fart funny, because thats exactly what I did the first time I heard them.

The castle was built in the early nineties. II deduced this from one of the calls where a radio talk show is discussing the 2 Live Crew scandal. Oh, that Luther Campbell, will his name ever leave the headlines? They're also loosely affiliated with Hatebeak, sharing a 7 inch with them, and that's the sweetest feather in anyone's cap.

So here's what Longmont Potion Castle tastes like. If you like em you should go over to longmontpotioncastle.com and pick up some of their cds, because the well of comedy runs very, very deep up in Colorado.


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