Sunday, February 18, 2007

For Those About To Go Thru Puberty (We Salute You)

Sunday is TV theme song day here at Pop Zeus!


Punky Brewster



[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

For the past few weeks I've been forgoing the tv theme of the week because the Bears were, well, we all know what they were doing. I've come to realize that it might actually be the most popular feature around here.

So to appease the masses, I give you two songs today, Punky Brewster and Blossom, two girls who are radically different yet so similar at the same time. It really boggles the mind. I mean, will our emotional journey with them ever end? Methinks not.

I'm trying to remember anything in particular from these two shows and all I can think about is an episode of Punky Brewster when some girl got locked in an abandoned refridgerator. It taught me a valuable lesson. Never watch this stupid ass show again. I mean, what kind of stupid kid does that?


Blogger Chris said...

You brightened my day!

3:06 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got the captions backward.

4:52 PM PST  
Blogger Michael said...

yeh - what gives? dontcha know who blossom is?????

5:20 PM PST  
Blogger Michael said...

i never saw that show - punky brewster. it was on back

1.) when i was a punk
2.) when i didnt own a tv (but i was at my parents house enough that that was no excuse)

all i knew was that

1.) the show was the only show on that had "punk" in the title
2.) it wasn't "punk," if you catch my drift

now blossom - that was a good show. that girl was so cute and right now she is getting a phd in neuroscience - not too shabby, eh?

5:32 PM PST  
Blogger Michael said...

hey - want a good tv theme for yr blog from that era? try "square pegs." good show and a goos theme as well.

5:33 PM PST  
Blogger Michael said...

good theme - not goos theme.

by the waitresses! post a video, dude.

5:36 PM PST  
Blogger dusted21 said...

woopsy doodle

9:19 AM PST  
Blogger Michael said...

Yeh - you're like, "Oh, I'm so cool I don't even know which one is Blossom" when in reality you know you have a RESTRAINING ORDER against you from back in the day when you were STALKING HER!!

5:53 PM PST  

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