Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Un Trabajo Peligroso

This really has to be seen to be believed. A friend of mine has been talking about this video for years and he recently gave me a copy. It's Mr. T on a crazy spanish game show called El Gran Juego de Oca and its a New Years Eve show from 1994. The entire show is insane but this is probably the craziest stunt on the whole thing. Mr. T has to perform the impossible here by deactivating several panels on a suspension bridge that is rigged to explode. The look on Mr. T's face is that of sheer terror as he rushes to unscrew tiny boxes that have wires in them. Or something. I really don't know. Just watch the whole thing. Mr. T could have easily died here. Watch for his "look of death" at the very end. I may get around to putting more of this game show, as it is easily the most insane thing i have ever seen.

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Blogger moik said...

¡Mr. T es un hombre muy macho . . . pero es una lástima Hulk Hogan no podría haber ayudado a él!


8:37 PM PDT  
Anonymous Erin said...

Everytime I watch this it's like I'm having and out of body experience.

5:25 PM PDT  

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