Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Was Playing Golden Axe At The Time

neon bible

The Arcade Fire "Keep The Car Running"

The Arcade Fire "(Antichrist Television Blues)"

[right click to download, ctrl or option click if yr a mac!]

Here yet again is another post that the blogerati will scoff at. This is very two months ago, I know, but I stayed away from the Arcade Fire on purpose. I guess too much hype scares me away. This band has had its share of limelight for a while now, and the only song in my iTunes by them that was listenable was "Rebellion (Lies)", but sometime in the past few weeks the Arcade Fire finally clicked. So I decided to go out and buy their big new hit record, Neon Bible.

First off, I immediately liked this better than anything I had heard before by this band. I hear Springsteen all over this record. I know they're supposed to be so arty and everything but listening to tracks like "Antichrist Television Blues" and "Keep The Car Running" I get a familiar, Boss-like feeling. So I didn't believe the hype and Neon Bible came through for me. I guess that means I should go out and buy the new Shaw Blades record now. I mean, that shit has been EVERYWHERE!


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