Monday, June 19, 2006

Motor Away! (while i swear at you...)


Swearing At Motorists "Flying Pizza"

Swearing At Motorists "Small Town, Big City"

Swearing At Motorists "Thin Man From North Main"

Swearing At Motorists "Doors Are Closing"

Swearing At Motorists "Calgon Take Me Away"
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So Swearing At Motorists has sort of a link to Guided By Voices; they both hail from Dayton, Ohio so that's how I heard of them. But I never actually listened to them until just recently. I caught their set at SXSW (ANOTHER good band i saw there, and believe me there's still more i haven't written about yet!) and I thought they were good. Not great, but good.

Swearing At Motorists is a two piece drummer and electric guitar outfit, and the singer Dave Doughman seemed like kind of a strange guy. He would bounce around and rock out to the parts of the songs that didn't rock and be totally still during the parts that did. The performance seemed a little to me like a Jonathan Richman show, and the music a little like the Mountain Goats. Witty songs like the Mountain Goats, that is to say.

So the other day I was at Amoeba Records spending a ridiculous amount of money (as usual) and I came across Swearing At Motorists in the used bin. They had what I thought was all their records in there, so I just bought one, 'Number Seven Uptown' basically because I recognized the name of one song, "Flying Pizza". I remembered this because Doughman had asked the crowd to sing along with this song during their set and a clueless audience stood silent.

'Number Seven Uptown' turned out to be a great record. So good in fact that I went back the next day and bought up the rest of their catalogue in the used bin. Unfortunately I've been so stuck on 'Number 7..' that I haven't delved into the other records yet. Well that and cause I also bought a shitload of Elvis Costello. But that's a post for another day.... like tomorrow.

Be sure to check out my brethren's music blog, the Record Robot, for Tony's counter post on Swearing At Motorists. Yes we planned it. Yes, we're dorks.

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