Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Worry, Baby, Your Ass Can't Get Pregnant.

Editor's note: It's time to welcome another new contributor to the POP ZEUS! fold: A man named Ken Mowe. Ken Mowe has reluctantly taken some time off from his busy schedule of working with children to enlighten us. This dude also hails from New Orleans, so be sure that there will be a reference to the Saints organization in every single thing he writes. -Kevin


King Crimson "Indiscipline"

by Kenneth Von Mowe

I'd like to welcome myself to the world of POP ZEUS! I have read this blog many times because I own a laptop and I need reading material when I am making bowel movements and I am not currently a newspaper subscriber. My friend Chicken insists there's a laxative in news print. He claims there's extra laxative in the Sports Section. So in celebration of my arrival I'd like to say "FUCK YOU" to everyone in the Atlanta Falcons organization and wish that they go 0-15-1, the 1 being a 0-0 tie with the Minnesota Vikings. Fucking dirtbags. I know the owner of this blog is a rabid Chicago Bears fan so out of respect for him I will not mention Curtis Enis. GO SAINTS!!!

But enough about your mother. Let's talk music. I learned to play the guitar by studying the tablature for Metallica's first four albums - before they started to suck shit. Morons. Every riff I play is a low - E power chord, only in drop - D tuning. Now what, mother fucker?? MY NEIGHBORS FUCKING HATE ME!!!

I only listen to three bands - TOOL, DEAD HORSE and- you know what i only listen to two bands. I will be posting the best of the best of these two bands, as well as bands related to them, as well as whatever the fuck i feel like.

Like this: KING CRIMSON you fucking fucks. Fucking Robert Frippe. Bill Bruford. Tony Levin. Adrian Belew, bitches. Any band with a dude that played with Zappa automatically murders everything. Fucking math rock. Shit you can't tap your foot to because your foot is too fucking stupid. STUPID FOOT GO HOME. They played two shows with TOOL at the Wiltern here in L.A. a couple years ago but i suck and couldn't go. Rest assured if they played that show again I'd fire myself into the venue with a fucking cannon.

Here's my favorite track off the Crimson album DISCIPLINE - titled, ironically, INDISCIPLINE. It's short for a Crimson song so listen to the whole thing.

So that's my first post. Like it? Don't like it? Love to hear your feedback! Email me at F-OFF@F-U.F

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this guy sounds like a real asshole.

4:55 PM PDT  
Blogger dusted21 said...

you got that right. i've successfully assembled my "All-Asshole Team".

7:19 PM PDT  
Blogger Rip Roarin said...

Shit yeah! I can't wait 'til Ken Mowe's next post where he eats the soul of the Pitchfork staff. I sit with Fear t-shirt on ready to cause mayhem.

Thank god we've put the violent aggression into the blog world.

7:58 PM PDT  
Blogger Vic Arpeggio said...

Hey, my next post at least has boobies in it.

1:10 AM PDT  

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